Our client: The Sheldon Hub

Our challenge: To raise awareness of a new online support resource for people in the ministry, members of the clergy, missionaries, and their families across the UK; and to generate interest in future activity among the target user audience.

Our creative approach: As a new venture, the Sheldon Hub needed the means to reach and grow its target audience and build interest in the Hub by showcasing the support and respite it could provide. We created an animation that could convey the Hub’s caring community through graphics, styled around the Sheldon Hub’s logo and colourways.

We created a strong script based on the theme of a traveler on a journey; an analogy intended to closely mirror the personal feelings of individuals in the ministry facing challenges, who would be likely to make use of the Hub. We carefully selected a suitable voiceover artist to deliver the script and created a bespoke soundtrack to enhance the visual journey by carrying the viewer from a sense of difficulty and foreboding at the opening of the story to a feeling of warmth and optimism by the end of the video.

Our impact: The video quickly accumulated several hundred views and prompted positive feedback from prospective Sheldon Hub users.

 We’re very pleased to have found Wide Eye at just the right time for the growth of our charity. They’ve been able to really get to know what we’re about and help us convey that to potential users. We had lots of good feedback and we look forward to continuing to work with Wide Eye over the coming years.  Sarah Horsman, Warden.

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