Our client Francis Clark

Our challenge We were commissioned to create a case study of one of Francis Clark's valued clients. We wanted to ensure that not only was the content relevant but the visuals were engaging and the key messages were communicated in under 90 seconds. Also, we knew we wouldn't have much control over the client's location and environment, and the weather! It rained as we started to film outside.....

Our creative approach was to celebrate the business throughout. The Club House, its founders, its staff, location and food are the stars of the show and we wanted the film to reflect this and how Francis Clark have been partners in their success.  While a simple ‘talking head’ could relate the story, it’s through the power of the imagery that make the mood, the humour, the quality and the charm of this fantastic business come to life. Viewers are enchanted by the place, the visuals and the story without ever feeling that they’re being ‘sold’ to by Francis Clark.

Our impact The video is on the front page of our client's website and is part of their successful series of case studies.

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