This promotional video we created for Francis Clark Chartered Accountants comes alive with a mix of live action and 3D animation showing off their skills, services, people and in depth experience. Francis Clark wanted a short imaginative video that captures the essence of the business and could be used in a multitude of ways. But the challenge was how to make video marketing for accountants engaging?


We knew that we didn’t want to resort to the age old images that lots of professional services companies use of big buildings, people in suits (always smiling), and cityscapes. Francis Clark are an exciting and progressive business and bland corporate images were not going to work here. Also, they wanted to communicate the importance of their people and expertise, their clients and their location as it’s those elements that have helped them become the success they are. As the biggest accountancy firm in the South West, they value the importance of local and regional relationships and promoting their skills and knowledge to this audience, as well as nationally, was vital.

 By using our skills in 3D animation we could make the business of money, tax, finance and numbers look appealing and mixing this with live action filming we could showcase some of the real people and clients in Francis Clark’s portfolio. The end result is an energetic and powerful promotional video.

'Wide Eye are a small elite team. Their analytical approach and detailed planning for each project delivers compelling and dynamic videos. They completely understand what we want to achieve and they’re great to work with.'    

Amy Smith, Digital Marketing Manager, Francis Clark  

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