Our client: Ed Fagan Europe 

Our challenge: To succinctly showcase the capabilities of a global supplier of alloys and metals to manufacturers across a range of sectors including aerospace, defence, telecommunications and medical.

Our creative approach: Ed Fagan required an attention-grabbing way to introduce their company and capabilities in the busy show environment of the Paris Air Show. The transient audience members of a trade show has many demands on their attention and might arrive at any time.

Taking inspiration from a newly developed suite of company and product icons, we created an animation to bring the graphics to life. Our stylised approach hints at crucibles and the formation of precious metals, using close shots to create a sense of mystery about what is being created. Through a series of wider shots we then introduced a number of the available icons to highlight the broad range of Ed Fagan Europe’s capabilities.

The looping nature of the video ensures it is accessible regardless of when the viewer starts watching, ideal for a bustling show. We created a bespoke sound effects soundtrack to complement the metallurgy theme which could be removed in a noisy environment without detracting from the video’s message, or which would create a huge impact when delivered through a large sound system.

Our impact: The video is a key part of Ed Fagan’s presence at prestigious air shows where the business seeks to attract engineers and buyers to their stand. The video has prompted many questions and opened up many conversations with great feedback.

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