Our client: blur Group

Our challenge: To promote the industry expertise and insight of the company behind an innovative cloud-based platform which supports businesses to procure and manage goods and services.

Our creative approach: blur Group is working at the cutting edge of digital technology with an established digital marketing strategy. Online video fits perfectly with blur Group’s marketing activities and we identified an opportunity to bring the company’s experience to life through a series of video blogs.

To create the series, we filmed CEO Philip Letts speaking about a range of subjects. Philip is a great communicator and made a natural subject to be interviewed about his field of expertise. The flexible nature of video blogs also meant that Philip was able to comment on current news stories, update and inform clients on interesting market developments and give information of commercial value to potential clients too.

Our impact: The ‘Letts Talk’ video blogs have been widely shared through blur Group’s social media channels, clocking up several thousand views.

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