Picturing Business in Devon: Corporate Photography

30 September 2015

Wide Eye delivered a fabulous commercial photo shoot for leading business training company Sandler Training at their Devon offices recently.
Corporate photography is a fascinating genre which has great power and yet is fraught with issues and considerations. Therefore, planning and careful analysis of the purpose of the photographs and the target market or viewers is essential.

Picturing Business in Devon: Corporate Photography

Working closely with our client we identified a particular training day which would include a number of different sessions and also a great range of delegates.  Together we planned both photo imagery caught during ‘live’ sessions and then also some moments which we would repeat or ‘set-up’ to allow further control over events, setting, lighting etc.

When we’re photographing businesses or making corporate videos it is often the case that people and settings have to be distilled into a simplified version so that an audience quickly ‘gets’ the location, the business and person.  For this project, Sandler’s great office and training facility meant that the character of the company came across well and the genuine interactions and engagement of the delegates provided a real human sparkle to the images.

Too often businesses default to stock corporate photos bought online. This is a shame and often a false economy as the time and money spent on marketing materials such as a website, for example, can be compromised when the first thing a visitor sees is a stock / anonymous or obviously dated photograph.

Fortunately many organisations know that high quality and personalised corporate photography provides real authority, style and commercial impact to all their materials

Remember, your communications are your shop window to customers and clients, so ensure they are as professionally delivered as you ensure your products and service are.

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